SolarUV Water Purification System

SolarUV Water Purification System

The Geoking Solar Powered Ultraviolet Water Purification System is the most effective portable water purifier manufactured in the US. The Solar UV Water system has been designed for the needs and requests of search and rescue personnel, survivalists, emergency first-responders and customers concerned with the safety and reliability of water supplies.

The system has many safety and convenience features making it perfect for field operations: a 12V 50 PSI Self-Priming  pump, a switch panel allowing for the pump and lamp to be powered on/off independently. The system can be run directly by solar power, or 12V battery. With the best quality NSF approved filters – 1 micro sediment filter and 0.5 micron carbon filter, then the high intensity UV lamp, all the sediments as well as chlorine, lead, foul taste, and almost all of microorganisms and pathogens can be removed.

Drawing about five amps of power, the system can produce nearly 170 gallons of safe and clean drinking water per hour. With optional external automotive/RV/marine battery, it can run constantly 24 hours a day, produce in excess of 4,080 gallons.

The system comes housed in a protective Pelican waterproof case with rugged in-line wheels and telescoping handles. Total weight including battery is about 60 lbs. Easy to carry and transport for quick system relocation.


  • Disaster Relief – Turn potentially contaminated natural fresh water sources to clean, life-sustaining water
  • Emergency Responses – Quickly deployed, light weight, easy operation, flexible power sources
  • Missionary Trips – Provide the most important human being’s physical needs – drinking water under difficulty environments
  • Outdoor and Travel


  • Easy Setup and Operation
  • Fast Water Production: Purify water up to 2.9 gallon per minute, about 170 gallons of drinking water per hour
  • High Quality Water: 4 stage water purification system
  • 50 PSI Self-Priming pump
  • FDA-approved inlet & outlet hoses with quick-connect fittings
  • Easy On-Off switches for independent lamp/pump control
  • NSF-Certified, rinsable 1 micron sediment filter
  • NSF & Water Quality Association Approved and Certified 0.5 micron active carbon filter
  • Germicidal Ultraviolet  (UV) Disinfection, lab certified effective exceeds World Health Organization Requirements
  • 100W foldable solar panel provides direct power to run the whole system
  • Multiple Option Power Sources: rechargeable battery, DC from vehicle, AC power
  • Water proof Storm case with wheels, good protection, easy to carry.
  • Light weight, only 62 lbs

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