About Q L Enterprises, Inc.

Q L Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in Georgia State  in 1994. Since then, we distribute great brands and high quality survey and construction equipment to Federal, States, and local governments, US Army Forces, public and private companies, schools, as well as many professionals, engineers, and contractors. Our solutions include surveying and measurement, building and construction, mining and engineering, security and surveillance. Products include solar electric products, total stations, theodolites, optical & digital levels, laser distance meters, laser rangefinder, construction lasers, GPS systems & 3D lasers, optics, and more... 

Q L Enterprises Inc. is a General Services Administration (GSA) Approved vendor for Scientific Equipment and Construction Equipment.

GSA Schedule Contract #: GS-07F-0383T


GSA Schedule Contract #

66: Scientific Equipment and Services

Special Item Number (SIN)
66-613: Surveying Equipment

Contract Period
May 2007 - May 2017

The terms and conditions of this contract are extended to
all US Federal Agencies and US Army. 
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Please contact us at toll-free 1-866-368-8287
or email us at


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Brands We Carry
Brands We Carry