Solar Power Box

Solar Power Box

The SolarBox™ is a off-grid solar power supply system to provide continuous and reliable power to remote site loads, and provide power source to run various electronics. The sealed and weatherproof enclosures have a generous amount of space inside for mounting all types of customer electronics.

The complete SolarBox includes solar panel, rainproof metal enclosure, charge controller, deep-cycle battery, breakers, cables, and mounting kits.

SolarBox Features and Benefits
Reliability: SolarBox™ systems allow your equipment to operate where power quality and reliability are a concern or where utility power does not exist in the most rugged environments.

Cost-effective: SolarBox™ solar power systems are cost-effective solutions providing continuous power to critical loads. The SolarBox minimizes set up and installation time for rapid deployment.

Flexibility: SolarBox™ can be mounted to pole sides and tops, rooftops and the ground. They can also be adapted to towers and other structures. OEM equipment can be housed in weatherproof enclosures in remote locations.

System Features
•   Complete Solar Power Solution for Off-Grid operation
•   Weatherproof NEMA 4X / IP65, UV resistant, outdoor enclosures
•   Generous interior space for customer electronics
•   Enclosures can be Wall or Pole Mounted
•   Maintenance free Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
•   Advanced battery charge controller protects against overcharge and over discharge
•   UL, FM and CSA listed components

•   Wireless Base Stations and Clients
•   Surveillance Cameras
•   Wireless Bridge and Repeaters
•   Traffic Control and Speed Signs
•   Oil & Gas Instrumentation
•   Irrigation Drip System, Water Pumping, Valves
•   Remote Lightings
•   Backup Power System

General Specifications
•   Operating Temperature: -40 to 140º F (-40 to 60º)
•   Enclosure: Rainproof Aluminum Enclosure
•   Regulated Output Voltage: 12V or 24V
•   Power Reserve Time: 5 days (120 hours)
•   Estimated Battery Life: 4 Years

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