Leica DISTO S910 w/ TRI200 & FTA360-S

Leica DISTO S910 w/ TRI200 & FTA360-S
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Leica DISTO S910 w/ TRI200 & FTA360-S
Leica DISTO S910 w/ TRI200 & FTA360-S
Leica DISTO S910 w/ TRI200 & FTA360-S
Leica DISTO S910 w/ TRI200 & FTA360-S
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The Leica DISTO S910 & TRI200 Propack includes the S910, the TRI 200 light duty construction tripod, a tripod soft bag with shoulder strap and the FTA 360-S fine tune adaptor.

The difference between this package and the standard S910 Pro pack is the TRI 200 and the carry bag.

TRI 200

The TRI 200 is a surveyor style tripod that is more stable and durable than the standard issue TRI70. This package is for professionals that frequently measure on uneven grade, in rugged environments and in the elements.

The standard Propack includes a hardcase for storage and transport. The TRI 200 pack includes a soft bag with a carry strap for easy mobility in the field.

The FTA 360-S

Even with a tripod and outdoor pointfinder camera, placing your laser point exactly where you want it can be challenging, especially at longer distances. The FTA 360-S is a micro-adjustable tripod adapter. Point and shoot to get close, then tweak the knobs ever so slightly to adjust your spot location by millimeters.

Technical specifications:  
Typical measuring accuracy +/- 1 mm
Range 0.05 up to 300 m
X-Range Power Technology Yes
Measuring units m, ft, in
Distance in m
Diameter of the laser dot in mm
10, 50, 100 m
6, 30, 60 mm
Smart Base measuring range
360 degree
-40 to 80 degree
Distance in m
Typical tolerance of the P2P function
 2, 5, 10 m
2, 5, 10 mm
Levelling range  +/- 5 degree
Pointfinder with 4x zoom Yes
Overview camera Yes
File format jpg, dxf
Memory for CAD files 20 files,  each with 30 points
Free software for Windows Yes
Free App iOS / Android
Data interface* Bluetooth Smart, WLAN
Measurements per set of batteries up to 4000**
Batteries  Li-ion rechargeable
Charging time  4h
Protection class IP 54
Dimensions 164x61x32 mm
Weight with batteries 290 g

*) System requirements and other details can be found at http://www.disto.com/
**) Reduced in Bluetooth or WLAN mode

Distance measurement       Yes       
Minimum / maximum measurement Yes
Subtraction / addition Yes
Area / volume measurement Yes
Painterfunction Yes
Tilt measurement Yes
Smart Horizontal  Mode Yes
Sloped object measurement Yes
Height tracking Yes
Height profile measurements Yes
Pointfinder with 4x zoom Yes
Camera function Yes
Measure with the picture Yes
Personalized favourites Yes
Touch screen Yes
Compass Yes
Point-to-Point measurements Yes
Smart angle measurement Yes
Smart area measurement Yes
DXF data capture Yes
WLAN data transmission Yes
Bluetooth SMART Yes


Supported Mobile devices: Wireless connectivity  Data transfer
iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus Bluetooth 4.0 with App or keypad mode*
iPad mini Bluetooth 4.0 with App or keypad mode*
iPad 3 and newer versions Bluetooth 4.0 with App or keypad mode*
iPod touch (5th Generation) Bluetooth 4.0 with App or keypad mode*
Smartphones and tablets with Android 4.3 or higher Bluetooth® 4.0 with App
Tablets and Notebooks with Windows 8.1 or higher Bluetooth® 4.0 DISTO transfer / keypad mode*
Tablets and Notebooks with Windows 7 or higher WLAN DISTO transfer / WLAN
* Leica DISTO S910 has been connected with the device like a Bluetooth keypad and transfers values to a cursor position.

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