CST 57-LM800PKG Rotating Laser Package

CST 57-LM800PKG Rotating Laser Package
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CST/berger 57-LM800PGK Automatic Self Leveling Horizontal and Vertical Interior & External Laser Level Kit with Laser Detector, plus elevating tripod and 16ft leveling rod.

Electronic self-leveling horizontal and vertical dual beam laser level with up and down plumb beam.

Perfect for almost all indoor and outdoor professional leveling and plumb jobs, this rotary laser level kit is versatile and durable enough for the most demanding construction projects. This level features a self-leveling turret that shoots two rotating laser beams, one vertical and the other horizontal. With the turret level, you know the beam that it's shooting, and the spot on the target it's hitting, across the room or lot is level, too.

Designed for leveling and grading operations indoors and out, this automatic laser level is strong and durable enough for the most demanding construction projects. A dual beam, dual slope rotary laser with horizontal and vertical self-leveling and many features, the LM800's super-fast electronic self-leveling and anti-drift gets the job done right and fast. Plus, with charging system, remote, detector and clamp, to name a few, you're up and running out of the box.

Includes: charger, case, glasses, remote, (2) magnetic targets, LD-400 detector with clamp, NiMH battery pack, Wall mount kit, lightweight tripod or elevating tripod (optional), and 8ft or 16ft leveling rod (optional).

  • Accuracy: + or -1/16 in at 100 ft
  • Beam color: Red
  • Battery type: NiMH
  • Rotation speed : 600 RPM
  • Self leveling range : +/-5 deg
  • Range: 2800' (exterior), 6600' (interior)
  • Battery level indicator so you don't run out of power at the wrong time
  • CW and CCW head positioning for fast and easy alignment in vertical/horizontal applications
  • Dual beam with self leveling in horizontal and vertical self leveling
  • Heavy duty glass enclosed beacon and sealed housing is water and dust proof
  • Pays for itself job after job, sweep mode with preset angels
  • Visible beam laser means one investment for both general construction and interior work
  • Anti drift system to signal operator when unit is moved out of position

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